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Economic Development Tour

Discover how the Economic Development Tour plans to uplift communities through education and opportunity.

Master Your Money, Secure Your Tomorrow

Building Bridges to Economic Equality

Only together can we create our future rather than merely accepting one!

Economic Development Tour

We have launched a financial wellness tour where our goal is to empower individuals in building and sustaining generational wealth. Through targeted neighborhood expos, we will promote financial literacy, business development, loans, grants, credit repair, estate planning, group investments, and more.

<span> Economic Development Tour</span>

Shared Wealth Network

Unlock Your Wealth Potential-The Shared Wealth Network is a limited-access network of our supporters, connected and unified by their devotion to creating generational wealth and educating others on how to do so as well.

As a member, you gain access to a comprehensive suite of tools and resources designed to help you navigate every aspect of your financial journey, including planning for your children's future.

<span>Shared Wealth Network </span>

Shared Wealth Network Financial Services Consortium

Joining our consortium as a financial services provider means you'll educate and promote your services to diverse audiences across various venues. Our members are carefully vetted for ethics and client satisfaction. In essence, our generational wealth-building professional consortium stands as a beacon of empowerment, designed to catapult our collective business goals while greatly benefiting the community at the same time.

<span>Shared Wealth Network Financial Services Consortium</span>

"Economic Growth and Job Creation"

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Join the Urban Econ Dev Initiative.

The Urban Economic Development Tour is playing a crucial role in bettering individuals' financial wellbeing in our city. Their focus on economic development will create new job opportunities and new business owners, which will contribute to the economic growth of our community. - Brooklyn Martinez

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