Ready to elevate your financial services business?

We are proposing a generational wealth building professional consortium STORE FRONT. The Shared Wealth Network which will serve as a hub for promoting financial literacy and fostering economic opportunities within urban communities. 

Our vision is to create a comprehensive suite of financial services under one roof, empowering individuals to build and sustain generational wealth. 

Our Financial Health

Location Location Location .

The proposed inaugural storefront is located right off 125th Street on Lenox Avenue, nestled next to CHASE BANK. Directly across the street are neighbors such as TARGET, TRADER JOE’S, SEPHORA, PANDORA, and the National Urban League Civil Rights Museum Experience. The location attracts a diverse range of potential clients, ensuring a steady flow of foot traffic throughout the day, with the 2 and 3 trains just a few steps away, along with multiple bus lines.

But prospecting for clients does not stop at having the perfect location! We have a five-pronged approach for Direct Community Engagement:

1. News Broadcast:

 A News broadcast focused entirely on financial health, akin to the esteemed style of CBS News. Bringing you the latest updates in an informative, professional, and relatable manner, with a touch of hip-hop flair. Let's dive into the headlines and keep you engaged with our unique style!

Make a Real Difference

2. Apartment Complex Promotions:

With the permission of the management company, we will hang posters in the lobbies of apartment complexes and place door tag advertisements on select days. Additionally, we will set up a promotional table in the lobby staffed with two financial professionals to engage with residents directly.

Collaborate with Experts

3. Local Merchant Affiliation:

We will partner with local storefronts to display our promotional posters in their windows, inviting interested individuals to sign up for a 30-minute financial consultation. Periodically, we will also host financial wellness events at these merchant locations.

Professional Development Opportunities

4. Community Events:

We will attend large events such as church gatherings and other social events, seeking permission from coordinators to promote our Urban Economic Development Initiative.

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5. Social Media:

We will promote our efforts on social media platforms and host weekly webinars. These webinars will cover topics ranging from credit management, spending, budgeting, to investments, engaging our audience in interactive discussions.

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Every service needed to develop and maintain generational wealth

Join us in Making History.

The initiative involves the following professional service providers:

What you receive:

-Storefront desk space on one of the busiest bustling streets in NYC

-Consistent media exposure from other Networks

-Being a part of proprietary News Cast as a expert on financial topics specific to your field 

-Proprietary investment opportunities

-The synergy of an in-office collaborative team referring clients to you for your specific profession

-A street team

-Tons of referral connections from our community organization networking efforts

Join Our Team.

In essence, our generational wealth building professional consortium stands as a beacon of empowerment, designed to catapult our collective business goals while greatly benefiting the community at the same time.

CONTACT Our Financial Health [email protected] National Headquarters 275 Malcolm X Blvd New York, NY 10027

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