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We are thrilled to extend this exclusive invitation to you for our inaugural event at the historic Apollo Theater, tentatively scheduled for Saturday, July 20th. With the esteemed Daymond John, from Shark Tank, headlining as our keynote speaker, this event promises to be an unforgettable experience for all involved.

 Econ Dev Initiative

Join Us at the Historic Apollo Theater.

Our event is centered around the theme of building and maintaining generational wealth, and we have curated an exceptional lineup of speakers and topics to provide invaluable insights and guidance:


Experts in mortgage services and home financing will offer insights and guidance to help attendees navigate the complexities of real estate investment and homeownership.

Transform Cities

Business Financing:

Providers of funding solutions for startups and small businesses will share valuable information and resources to fuel entrepreneurial ventures and foster business growth.

Empowering Urban Communities

Financial Literacy:

Dedicated organizations focused on promoting financial literacy education will discuss the importance of financial knowledge and empower attendees to make informed financial decisions.

Building Generational Wealth

Business Acquisitions:

Professionals experienced in acquiring and selling businesses will provide invaluable guidance and advice for those looking to enter the world of mergers and acquisitions.

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Credit Repair:

Specialists in credit repair and improving credit scores will share strategies for managing and improving credit, unlocking opportunities for financial growth and stability.

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Grant Writing:

Consultants skilled in securing grants will offer insights and guidance to individuals and organizations seeking funding for their ventures and initiatives.

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In addition to our informative talks, we are excited to offer interactive workshops, panel discussions, and a pitch competition, providing attendees with practical skills, networking opportunities, and the chance to showcase their innovative ideas. A book signing opportunity with Daymond John will also be available.

Driving Economic Prosperity.

Early Bird Special Discount.

Come get the information and tools you need on-site to get started on your path to financial security and developing generational wealth to pass down to your loved ones as they, in turn, will hopefully build and do the same. A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step; make this your first step. Tickets start at $65, take advantage of our early bird special discounted rate of $55.

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