Queens, NY Upcoming Events

Join us at our exciting upcoming events to boost your company's visibility. We will rapidly be adding more dates in Queens,NY, honoring our commitment to bringing important financial knowledge directly to the people where they are at.

<span>Generational wealth building professional consortium</span>

Generational wealth building professional consortium

Add a satellite office: Imagine a one-stop-shop for every service needed to develop and maintain generational wealth. We're adopting a "we-work" approach by grouping multiple financial service professionals in one location.



BROADWAY ASTORIA SUMMER JAM. Broadway Astoria between Steinway - 47th Street. 7 BLOCK FESTIVAL. Over 262 vendors. Sunday, JUNE 30, 2024. 10am-6pm.



JUNCTION BLVD FESTIVAL. Junction Blvd between Roosevelt - 35th Avenue. 2 BLOCK FESTIVAL. Over 280 vendors. Sunday, JULY 21, 2024. 10am - 6pm


Feature 3

30TH AVE ASTORIA. 30th Avenue between Steinway - 31st Street. 11 BLOCK FESTIVAL. 390 vendors. Sunday, JULY 28, 2024. 10am - 6pm


Feature 4

JAMAICA "JAMS" FESTIVAL. Jamaica Avenue between Parson Blvd - 169th Street. 10 BLOCK FESTIVAL. 462 vendors. Saturday, AUGUST 3, 2024. 10am - 6pm


Feature 5

36TH AVE "ASTORIA" FESTIVAL. 36th Avenue between 29th Street - 35th Street. 6 BLOCK FESTIVAL. 194 vendors. Saturday, AUGUST 31, 2024. 10am - 6pm


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