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Working directly with NYCHA’s Office of Resident Economic Empowerment & Sustainability office we present, an amazing opportunity to service underserved communities and benefit both financially and morally knowing your company is during its part to bridge the gap of economic disparity.   

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About the NYCHA Financial Wellness Tour

NYCHA housing has 5,828,105 reported residents, of which 42.1% are gainfully employed, totaling 2,456,689.92, not to mention the population of young adults just getting into the workforce, who want the tools, education, and services to make the right decisions from the start. Link to NYCHA fact sheet:

Each borough is packaged as a sponsorship bundle for each specific financial services area of expertise. Each borough has a mixture of on-site expos that are held at developments with 500 residential units or more. (To understand the in-house presentation event structure, please follow this link: ) For developments under 500 units, we will implement a direct mailing and poster campaign, placing posters in common areas of the building. You will receive referrals from this campaign. For developments over 500 units, we will have onsite expos. Depending on the number of residents, this can include up to 3 expo dates for a single development. At onsite expo developments, the direct mailing and poster campaign will also be implemented, prompting tenants to preregister.

Once the prospective client registers, they will receive a complimentary pre-event 30-minute financial consultation. A profile will be created for the client, and if your services are required by that client, you will receive their profile and be able to contact them to schedule a face-to-face meeting at the event.

Due to our promotional efforts, it's highly likely that you will have 10-20 converted clients before the expo date, and they will be attending for the convenience of meeting you face-to-face.

To view the specific borough expo dates and sponsorship package costs, please click on the borough of choice below:

Questions & Answers

How will prospective clients be matched with sponsors, and what criteria will be used to determine compatibility?

We use a lead distribution software that provides sponsors with account access. Through their account, sponsors can track and monitor new referrals as they come in, including their financial interests. During the sponsor onboarding process, we collect their client criteria, and clients who meet the minimum criteria set by the sponsor are automatically referred to them.

Can sponsors expect any exclusivity or competitive advantages within their specific area of expertise or industry vertical?

Sponsors receive specific rights to their industry vertical for all areas listed in their tour package. If any specific sponsor is being overwhelmed by the client number in their industry vertical, we will work out referral arrangements on your behalf with other professionals in your industry.

What kind of exposure can sponsors expect before, during, and after the events, both in terms of branding and direct engagement with attendees?

On mailing campaigns and posters, your company's logo will be listed. At the event, your logo will be on the event handouts as well as in your specific promotional area.

Will sponsors have to have their own branded expo pop-up materials like branded tablecloths or banners?

Yes, but we do offer branded trade show accessories for our sponsors at discounted prices.

CONTACT Our Financial Health [email protected] National Headquarters 275 Malcolm X Blvd New York, NY 10027

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