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The Shared Wealth Network (SWN) is a limited-access network of our supporters, connected and unified by their devotion to creating generational wealth and educating others on how to do as well.

 Econ Dev Initiative


One who “lives to work" and religiously depends on every single paycheck to get by is not setting him or herself up for success. Instead, they are a ticking bomb waiting for the next catastrophe to turn their life upside down as it has happened to many Americans during Covid 19. 

Members of the upper middle class & upper class figured out that working to survive is not the way to go. Urban communities often find themselves stressed and feeling stuck because they lack the financial knowledge to take advantage of the tools and resources necessary to move past the repeating cycle. 

Instead we are inundated with predatory products that waste our money, versus having our money work for us. 


What if there was a way to finally break the loop?

Introducing The - Shared Wealth Network, presenting a comprehensive suite of financial services in one location, empowering individuals to build and maintain Generational Wealth.

Imagine having your own personal Financial Wellness Expo at your fingertips. A Supportive Community, Financial Coaching, Insurance, Business Acquisitions, Financial Education, Loans, Grants, Management, Credit Building, Group Investment and so much more. 

<span>What if there was a way to finally break the loop?</span>

Now that we have your attention, please review what we offer.

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