How it works

Client-Facing - Shared Wealth Network is a limited-access network of our supporters, connected and unified by their devotion to creating generational wealth and educating others on how to do so as well.

Creating an obvious need for FinServ Professional Members to provide the services and guidance required for our client-facing members. The following is a breakdown of the different marketing aspects you will receive referrals from:

A: Monthly referrals from our Community Engagement Efforts. Local Merchant Affiliation - We'll team up with local shops to showcase our posters, inviting people to sign up for a 30-minute financial consultation. We'll also host financial wellness events at these shops periodically.

B: Social Media - We'll use social media to promote and host weekly webinars covering topics like credit management, budgeting, and investments, with interactive discussions.

Through these methods, FinServ members receive leads through the Lead Distribution Algorithm, which you can read more about. The algorithm ensures that members receive a fair number of leads.

C: Discounted and first priority on Face-to-Face Marketing events. These are Face-to-Face leads where you keep 100% of the leads, whereas with A and B, it is a lead distribution algorithm. To view our FinServ vendor experience page and upcoming events, please follow this link: (

The following FinServ Professionals are invited to join: - Credit Building Professionals, Mortgage Professionals, Insurance Professionals, Stock Investing Professionals, SBA Loan Professionals, Small Business Acquisitions Professionals, Financial Planning Professionals, Estate Planning Attorneys, Tax Professionals, Small Business Attorneys, and Business Grant Procurement Services are all essential components of a well-rounded financial and legal ecosystem.

Limited Memberships: "We limit slots per industry to prevent oversaturation, ensuring ample leads and opportunities for all members."

There is a Shared Wealth Network FinServ Consortium Member recurring fee of $60 a month and a small investment of $500, which will yield you a generous ROI. This investment will be directed towards launching media advertisements, which will commence as soon as we recruit FinServ professionals in all required categories.

Member Rules & Qualifications

Our rules and qualifications are put in place to ensure our FinServ members adhere to the utmost standards of professionalism and excellence: (

Building Buzz: Our Strategy for Publicity and Trust

Even the most brilliant and honorable concept, with the potential to positively transform lives, remains unheard if it lacks visibility. That's why we've crafted a strategic roadmap to not only garner visibility but also inspire trust in our mission: (

Join us in fostering change .

Please follow the link below to schedule a interview with an Managing Director. We look forward to meeting with you.

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