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 Your organization aligns with our goals and values of building a stronger community and we believe our proposal can be mutually beneficial to our organizations and our overall shared mission. Our Financials Health’s aim is to empower individuals in building and sustaining generational wealth. Through targeted neighborhood expos, we will promote financial literacy, business development, loans, grants, credit repair, estate planning, group investment, and more.

 Econ Dev Initiative

It is our hope that your organization can assist us in bringing our inorgarle event to fruition .

Our inaugural event at the historic Apollo Theater, tentatively scheduled for Saturday, July 20th, is centered around the theme of building and maintaining generational wealth. We have curated an exceptional lineup of speakers and topics to provide invaluable insights, with the esteemed Daymond John from Shark Tank headlining as our keynote speaker. https://www.ofhinitiative.com/apollo

We require your organization's assistance in the below-listed ways, and in turn, we will donate a portion of ticket sales revenue to your organization.

Pre-development Fundraising:

Promoting our fundraiser among your members so we can fund essential pre-development costs such as: Event website development and Social Media Advertising, Event Production Company, Sponsorship Recruitment Efforts, Administration Cost and Legal fees. 

Transform Cities

Speaker or Presenter:

Encourage a representative from your organization to be a speaker or presenter at the event. By sharing their expertise or insights related to the event's theme or cause, they can showcase your organization's involvement and expertise to attendees.

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Building Stronger Communities

Empowering Individuals to Build Generational Wealth.

Sponsorship Oppertunities Also Available:

As a sponsor or financial professional, you will have the opportunity to address attendees directly and promote your services at a dedicated promotional table during the event. This presents a unique chance to connect with potential clients and sign up interested attendees on the spot, further expanding your reach and impact. Don't miss this unparalleled opportunity to align your brand with a prestigious event and connect with a highly targeted and motivated audience. Join us in empowering individuals to build a brighter financial future and make a lasting impact on generations to come.

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Join Our Mission.

To gather specific information about this event and discuss details about how your organization can play a crucial role in making this event a astounding success, please fill out the contact form below, and our Managing Director will contact you as soon as possible.

CONTACT Our Financial Health [email protected] National Headquarters 275 Malcolm X Blvd New York, NY 10027

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